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Bartending 101

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Bartending 101 Objectives-

*  Basic Bartender Terminology

*  100 Essential Drink Recipes

*  Intro to Proper Glassware

*  Intro to Basic Drink Making Methods

*  Safety, Ethics, and Responsible Service of Alcohol 

*  Sanitation, Bar Maintenance, and Relevant/ Current Health Department Standard with Larimer County Health District

*  Free Pouring Techniques and Loss Prevention Accountability

*  Accuracy Training 

*  Efficiency Training

*  Introduction to Distilled Spirits

*  Interviewing & Resume Workshops Available

*  Work Experience Shadowing Available

*  Certificate of Completion by CO Board of Higher Education


Occupational Objective- The graduate should be able to acquire an entry level position as a bartender.

Tuition & Fees:  $300

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