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Bar Management 301

Bar Management 301 Objectives-

*  Understanding the P& L

*  Controlling the Controllables; 

*  Labor- Staffing, Scheduling, Training, Retention, and Leadership

*  Liquor Cost Control- Controlling Internal Theft, Inventory Management, Ordering Basics, Working with Vendors / Reps, and Tracking Sales.  

*  Positively Effecting the Top Line- Encouraging Outside/ Inside Sales through Social Networking & Staff Incentives, Promotions, etc.

*  General Human Resource Issues- Hiring, Training, Staffing, Termination, and Protecting Your Interest

*  General Guest Relations- Relevant Liquor & Health Coding, Legal Protection Tips, Building the Repeat Guest, Creating the VIP experience, and Turning Guest Complaints into House Wins.


Occupational Objective- The graduate should be capable as a bar or FOH manager.


Please Inquire within for Program Approval and Pricing


Please note that all management students will be approved on a case-by-case basis by our Director of Education and will first require attendance in a Bartending 101 course.

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